Broken Earth-Closed


In honor of the Bicentennial of 0-Day, the Coalition States air the first openly televised broadcast since the Great War. In it, they showcase new technologies for combating what they say is the increasing threat of the D-Bee menace, as well as a grand parade of the military in full-force as a showcase, while Emperor Prosek II looks on from his dais.

Almost as if on cue, an attack is launched on the parade grounds in Chi-Town, and chaos ensues. The sounds of gunfire split all but drown out the voice of the commentator, until a wholly alien creature is found, armed, and Coalition Forces put it down. Emperor Prosek suffers some minor injuries in the blast, and 72 Coalition citizens suffer minor to major injuries. 4 citizens are killed.

The commentator informs all viewers that this is the very kind of threat that the Coalition is preparing for, has been warning the Human world of for years.

For those outside the Coalition, it may be a call to arms. For others, it may be a little too convenient. Coalition forces are bristling at the edges of NewVada, however, and many of the mercenary companies point to the openings during the speech to prove that Prosek wasn’t a real target.



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