Broken Earth-Closed

Who knew walls could hurt so much

I had guests today! Well… maybe not guests so much as uninvited visitors, but Mr. Pickles was excited to see them. Alas i was unable to experiment on them due to a minor… OK major miscalculation with the wall. I thought the one with wings would get through in only a couple swings so i was going to surprise her for destroying my precious wall and all. It pains me to see my wall in such a state, it was like a father to me.

I don’t really remember what happened after that except for Dr. West patching me up. That dude is crazy, his crotch talks… I must investigate and obtain this skill for myself. For science…probably….maybe. They set off my traps and blew up my precious house when all they had to do was ask if they could come in.

All they had to do was ask…

Dammit Mr. Pickles that isn’t a toy get down from there!



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