Avery Talbin

Cybernetically enhanced small-town mechanic.


RACE: Human (Cyborg) JYNXED*
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 6’1"
WEIGHT: 190 lbs.
HOMELAND: Northwestern America
CULTURE: Advanced Technology
FAMILY: One older and one younger sister.

STR – 18
CON – 15
SIZ – 13
INT – 15
POW – 15
DEX – 19
CHA – 11

Athletics: 47
Brawn: 52
Culture(Own): 40
Dance: 30
Drive: 70
Evade: 48
Evaluate: 76
First Aid: 34
Influence: 45
Insight: 42
Lore(Regional): 30
Perception: 60
Persistence: 45
Resilience: 47
Ride: 34
Sing: 26
Sleight: 38
Stealth: 34
Swim: 41
Unarmed: 54
Commerce: 51

Engineering: 55
Lore(Metal): 43
Mechanisms: 63
Craft(Cybernetics): 39
Craft(Gunsmith): 42
Language(American): 76

Ranged Grapple: 60
Plasma Plume: 46
Firearm(Sidearm): 49

Avery’s cybernetic right arm is modifiable, and contains built-in tools to do almost any job. He can spend a ‘Tool Point’ (MP) to get a bonus on any skill that requires/uses tools. He gets an additional 10% for each point spent in this way.

  • JYNXED: Avery Talbin is currently the ‘user’/host of the enigmatic device/entity called The Jynx. The device’s capabilities are a mystery to him still.

Avery was a young man living in a relatively-untouched part of the northwestern Americas, the settlement he grew up in was founded by a group of mechanics and engineers who managed to pool their talents to provide the means for an almost normal life to their small community. Anything they couldn’t fabricate directly, they scavenged and repaired to full use. His childhood held working lights, radio scanners, rebuilt and scratch-built vehicles and weapons in the midst of an increasingly-savage wilderness. A wilderness that claimed the lives of his parents, leaving him in the care of his older sister, and helping to raise his younger sister.

When he entered adulthood, he and his friends were stricken with wanderlust, and notions of romanticized adventuring. Already showing his technical aptitude, he outfitted the group with his homemade pistols, saving his masterpiece of a re-purposed plasma cutter for himself. The group of them set out, but hadn’t gone far when they encountered an old, deactivated war-robot. Deciding that it would either be a great help, or a decent challenge, they foolishly activated it and were immediately engaged in dire combat.

Their youthful ambition and eagerness was replaced by terror as they discovered that while the war-bot’s servos and weaponry were fully operational, theirs was not. Misfires, jams, and outright failures were the results when each pulled the trigger on their makeshift guns. The group fled through the trees and brush while feverishly attempting to get their weapons to function. Avery was the first to succeed, hotwiring his plasma pistol just as the robot reached him. He took quick aim, and pulled the trigger, hoping to at least shut the war machine back down. He was rewarded with a bright flash, as the overloaded pistol discharged a beam of plasma, disintegrating the robot save for an arm and its cranium. Raising his arms in celebration and calling for his friends, he didn’t notice the sparks from the pistol’s power cell until it exploded in his hand. His friends found him unconscious, his right arm shredded and useless, bleeding over the bundled remains of the robot. At the edge of consciousness, he decided it was important to salvage what he could.

He awoke back in the village, his friends having managed to haul him back for care. His arm had to be removed at the shoulder, but his life was not in danger. As he recuperated, he wondered what would become of him, a one-armed young mechanic in a community of able bodies. His sisters tried to reassure him, that he wasn’t useless as he thought, and told him that he should focus on what he CAN do, and what he knows. Though the loss of his arm, and with it his perceived usefulness, weighed on him heavily, he took their advice to heart.

He poured himself into studies of schematics, and listening to the elder engineers, while using his good arm to help maintain what equipment he could. He saw firsthand the result of poor maintenance and slipshod construction, and decided that he would do his best to keep everything around him operating at peak efficiency. In his downtime, he pondered the arm from the robot, which he was allowed to keep. Finally, after studying it extensively, breaking it down and rebuilding it, he had an epiphany. He spoke to the wisest engineer, their leader, the one who personally studied the computerized inner workings of the robot skull, and told him of his plan. He received the elders blessings, and after months of preparation with the finest medical minds around, had the cybernetic limb grafted to his shoulder. More than a year since he set out on the disastrous expedition, he felt whole again.

Growing more and more accustomed to the new limb, he also started applying his knowledge to it. Modification after modification, the once-skeletal piece of metal growing with layers of tools, gadgets, motors and armor, into its current shape. More than just tools have been integrated into his arm, though, as even though his wanderlust and youthful desire for adventure have left, he still feels that a combative edge may be needed to survive the coming days…

Avery Talbin

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