An average height man with no hair on his head and a crazy twinkle in his eye


Age: 36
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 11" Weight: 175lbs
Profession: Scholar Homeland: New Vegas, Nevada

Str: 13 Combat Actions: 4
Con: 12 Damage Modifier: 1d2
Siz: 13 Improvement Modifier: 0
Int: 24 Movement: 8
Pow: 12 Dedicated POW: 8
Dex: 15 Magic Points: 4
Cha: 8 Luck: 37
Common Skills: Advanced Skills:
Athletics: 28% Lore(Alchemy): 78%
Brawn: 26% Commerce: 57%
Culture(own): 68% Language(American): 82%
Dance: 23% Demolitions: 79%
Drive: 47% Craft(Explosives): 79%
Evade: 60% Craft(Alchemy): 69%
Evaluate: 57% Craft(Ammunition): 69%
First Aid: 39% Lore(Demolitions): 78%
Influence: 16% Mechanisms: 69%
Insight: 36% Healing: 56%
Lore(Regional): 73% Ascension: 44
Perception: 36%
Persistence: 104%
Resilience: 94%
Ride: 27%
Sing: 20% Combat Styles:
Sleight: 23% Grenade Launcher: 70%
Stealth: 39%
Swim: 25%
Unarmed: 28%


Wilfred was a young scientist in New Vegas during the assault that wiped out the Neon Knights in the area. After the initial assault has failed He fled, he was picked up a little ways outside of town by the Coalition and forced to work as an explosives maker.

For 5 long years he was forced to create bigger, more powerful explosions until the amount of area destroyed was counter productive to the effort of trying to take the land. It was then that they changed the focus of his work to creating chem bombs; all the impact of a normal explosion with the added effect of chemical aftermath. Given his previous talent at chemical manipulation it wasn’t hard to make the switch. Upon seeing his work they decided to split his time between bombs and chemical creation. He was forced to experiment on his co-workers since there were not enough “test ready specimens” available.

Being forced to experiment on co-workers and friends would drive any one mad and Wilfred is no exception. Soon he began experimenting on himself but found that all the terrible things happening to others were not happening to him, he couldn’t figure out why. After countless nights without sleep he went completely crazy and in a brilliant flash destroyed most of the facility he was in and escaped into the world, finding food where he could and eventually setting up his “lab” in Pittsburgh.


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