Character Creation

The Basics

Design Points
Characters begin play with 100 Design Points to determine their Attributes. Raising an Attribute from 0 to 18, each increase is on a point-for-point basis. Between 18 and 24, an increase of +1 costs two Design Points, and beyond that each increase costs 3 points, up to a max of 30.

It should be remembered that Legend suggests an 80-point character build, and that character concept and backstory should reflect the fact that the character is not an average person.

Any points left unspent after this process are lost.

At its base, Legend presents Move as a static universal number (8m/sec). For the sake of movement on the battlemap, a character can move 1 + one hex per fraction of 5 in their Dex (Dex 5+ = 3 Hex, Dex 10+ = 4 Hex, Dex 15+ = 5 Hex, etc.). Each Hex is assumed to be 2m in length, giving players, in combat, a greater variability of movement.

Background & Profession
Characters will take one of the Backgrounds provided in the Legend Core book (Primitive, Barbarian, Civilized, and Nomad), or take the Advanced Background presented for this setting. This represents the community and cultural background of the character, and provides some base skill selections and modifiers.

In addition, characters will select a Profession, which delineates a specific role in their community or culture that the character veered towards. Professions will include several skill modifiers and provide free access to Advanced Skills.

Characters may only take one of each of the above items, and any benefits gained from them do not count against Design Point or Skill point totals.

Characters will begin with a number of Skill Points equal to their (Int x10)+ 150. Increases move from the default rating at a rate of 1 for 1. Advanced Skills are also available, and will cost 10 of these points to purchase the default rating, and increase at a rate of 1 for 2 from there.

Players may also spend 50 points of their Skill points to add a +1 to one Attribute; 100 points may be spent this way.

Combat Styles
Another form of Skill, the Combat Style is taken as a Basic Skill, but is allocated in a much more descriptive fashion. A character who wields a sword and a shield do not have two skills to represent this, but instead have a “Sword and Shield” Combat Style that is rolled like a skill.

With respects to firearms, as they are so endemic to survival, Combat Styles refer more towards the style of weapon (Sidearm, Longarm) or the means the character is accustomed to using them in (Sniper, Quick Draw Artist).

Special Abilities
Supernatural abilities and special skills will be represented by special and potentially unique Advanced Skills, possibly including a Magic Point cost.

Hero Points
Characters will begin play with 4 Hero Points, which they can use to purchase an Advanced Race, Heroic Abilities, or as detailed here.

Obsidian Portal Activity
Players’ Characters will be uploaded to the site, either by the player or by the GM, and any rolls to be made in secret will be made using the information provided there. In addition, players are encouraged to keep a separate page of their Character’s thoughts, questions, and decisions, that may be kept in the “Player Secret” section of the page.

Non-Human Characters
Characters may play any race they choose, but all of these races are presumed to fall under the same general averages of humans. For races that differ from this average in ability or Attributes, GM permission is required. The GM should also be consulted for any system notations in creating the race in question.

Basic Races are templates applied at no cost to the character after attributes are assigned. Advanced Races cost a character a number of their starting Hero and Attribute points to accomodate the larger Attribute bonuses and Special Qualities included in them.

Character Creation

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