Neon Knights

Current Intel

The Neon Knights were one of several Mercenary Companies working out of Vegas and Tahoe prior to the Coalition Offensive. The final remaining squad was last contacted in Espala Nova working for Naruni Industries performing strategic military actions.

It is said that the Neon Knights were instrumental in turning back the Coalition during the first siege on Vegas.

Out of Date Intel

A smaller Mercenary Company in terms of scale and scope, it spreads across the Nevada region with bases in Vegas, Tahoe, and on the Big Bear border. Members are permitted to accept outside work, but are not permitted to moonlight for other companies as staffed members.

Pay amounts to $20 a month, which is standard, and may be paid out in whatever currency the member requests. Missions pay extra, based on damage and contract amount, which is negotiated by the company and then a portion of it is passed on to the member.

The pay includes an apartment and full access to a galley and requisitioning basic supplies from the company. These are available at assigned bases whether they are used or not.

Any member accepting outside contracts is expected to inform his commanding officers of the contract, and request a leave of absence from expected duties. This will not adversely effect performance reviews except in cases where contracts place the member in opposition to Neon Knights forces.

Neon Knights

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