Trials by Fire

The year is PA 76. As near as anyone can determine, the Chaos War began 212 years ago, and it has been 75 years since the forces of the Coalition States declared the Great War over, with the taking of Chi-town. In the 12 years since the 0-Day anniversary attack on Coalition leadership, the Coalition has begun a more intensive campaign to control D-Bees and non-human activity in the North America region.

The Coalition has, with new advanced weaponry, begun a three-sided war, attempting to expand their territory into the Southeast US, the Southwest US, and across the border into Canada, while also maintaining a bulwark against the lands South of the Rio Grande. So far the stretch of resources has been a balancing factor to keep them from victory, but whispers are growing that this won’t last long. Rumors echo that they’re goal isn’t North America, but something much more.

Outside of the physical threat of war, something has begun to change. The very air seems to shiver with the threat of the coming days. Things move unseen in the skin of the world while shadows of fear and dream seep into the cycle of life and death. The natural patterns and cycles of the world have begun to falter or spasm, and those sensitive to the natural world feel themselves being drawn into something deeper, darker, than that which already walks.

Something has begun to move on the edge of reality, a singularity that races towards the world and threatens, by its existence, the very idea that reality will continue on the other side of it. Time has been folded back on itself, and all around the team time and space quivers and rolls like eddies in the riptide of the coming wave.

Where We Begin…

Following the destruction of the Temple of Huitzilopochtli to the south of the capitol of Ta-Qerai-T atop the ruins of Mexico City, the company finds there numbers wounded and tired, and blooded in the wake of betrayals and treachery. Those who could not rise past what they were burned to ash in the fires that followed the thunder that heralded in the next golden age of the Land of Victory, and possibly an end to the rule of the Vampires in Meso-America.

The Catalyst Jynx has been bound to Avery Talbin and begun to reveal the presence of something called the “Arcanum”, a mysterious cadre that seems to be willing to offer aid if the team can just earn their “sanction”…

For Those Who Have Come Before…

It has been 12 years since the last events of Chapter II, and just as long since the last of the Neon Knights were heard from. Last radio contact was from the Pirate Kingdom port city of Espala Nova immediately preceding a massive Ley surge that became a Ley Storm.

While players may create a connection between their characters from the first 3 Chapters and Chapter IV, they will receive no special information regarding the fate of the earlier characters.

Welcome to The New Dark Age…

Welcome to a world patterened off of Rifts Earth, with a flair towards the more mundane, the more human, potential of the setting. The Wiki Main Page gives a better understanding into the thought processes behind the campaign, as well as a short and one-sided discussion on what this is.

Character Creation describes in some detail the general guidelines of putting your character together, as well as detailing a bit more of the backstory from a character-level perspective. Included there will be links to example D-Bees and character packages, to ease character creation and provide ideas for players to jump from.

The Broken Earth Guide gives you a more broad and expansive overview of the Broken Earth setting, including a Campaign History and a general discussion of each of the nations, and their military forces.

Encountered Locations provides information on map markers and places the characters have discovered, both before and in-game, which they can use for easy reminders or for their own edification.

Factions and NPCs describes how each Faction currently seems to feel about the players, and how likely they are to receive help there, as well as descriptions and details on encountered and important NPCs.

Equipment and Materials gives the player a look at the gear and tech they’ll have access to at character creation and beyond, as well as a discussion on building materials for their own projects for more craft-interested characters.

House Rules will give players a good overview of House Rules being used in this Legend Campaign, and how they apply to the characters.

Character Graveyard area will give a place to remember the characters and important npcs who have come and gone in game.